Top rated 10 Nightmares of Movie Industry

At times the press grasped a likelihood to buzz when Hollywood introduced a new movie task with a rocket higher expense charge. At the beginning of cinema background, there are unforgettable times like a nightmare to filmmakers when failing to draw interest from viewers. The big losses made a lot of film companies go bankrupt. Large expense stage does not constantly go with success, probably bad honor: “Golden Raspberry Award” as a outcome. Even so, there are some exceptions: “Cleopatra” won 4 golden statues for 9 Oscar nominations, and “Heaven’s Gate” was a nominee for Oscar Awards.


“Mars Needs Moms” (2011)

The most up-to-date motion picture of Disney expense $ 150ml, gained $ 6.9ml in the initial week.


“The Adventures Of Pluto Nash” (2002)

Funding $ 90ml – $ 100ml, Warner Bros and comedian, Eddie Murphy, were so disappointed when the earnings of “The Adventures Of Pluto Nash” was $ four.4ml.


“City &amp Place” (2001)

However “Town &amp Country” stared Goldie Hawn, Warren Beatty, and Diane Keaton, the romantic comedy just referred to as in $ 6.7ml, dropped about $ 83ml.


“Battlefield Earth” (2000)

Price for “Battlefield Earth” was $ 74ml and turnover was $ 21.5ml.


“The Postman” (1997)

The movie was a bad landmark of Warner Bros when costing $ 80ml-$ 100ml, and losing about $ 70ml.

Brian Helgeland was the initial 1 winning each Oscar and Golden Raspberry successful screenwriter in the identical year with “L.A. Confidential” and “The Postman”.


“Cutthroat Island” (1995)

The product on the topic of piracy starring Geena Davis price MGM up to $ 100ml. But it became a nightmare to MGM when the turnover was only 9 million and 900 thousand dollars. “Cutthroat Island” hit record in Guinness Book in terms of videos that missing the most income.


“Hudson Hawk” (1991)

“Hudson Hawk” was produced by Columbia Tristar Motion with the appearance of a famous actor Bruce Willis. Investing a lot more than $ 60ml but the film could contact in only $ seventeen.2 thousand. Regrettably, “Hudson Hawk” acquired a Golden Raspberry Award for the Worst Picture in 1991.


“Inchon” (1981)

Presenting an amazing finances $ 50ml, MGM Inc was at a large loss when harvesting $ one.9ml.


“Heaven’s Gate” (1991)

Investing $ 45ml in “Heaven’s Gate”, United Artists Corporation just attained only $ 3ml.

In spite of winning 1 Oscar Awards, the American movie studio was disappointing with 5 Golden Raspberry Nominations.


“Cleopatra” (1963)

Even with the participation of famous actress, Elizabeth Taylor and actor Richard Burton, “Cleopatra” generating charge the “20th Century Fox” Movie Corporation approximately $ 44 million outcomes in $ 22 million reduction.



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