Avatar, Film of All Time Hottest, The Sophistication Of Technology Blending Images In Film Makes It So Real.

James Cameron to regain his success in directing the Titanic with the launch of her latest film titled Avatar. This film combines animation and technological sophistication that makes the real set of images in this film are so real. The film spends no small amount movie is very desirable that finance can support the making of the film.


Movie financeThe story is about the search of new energy materials to the Earth’s energy crisis. Of research has been done for years, finally the team found a new source of energy in the planet Pandora, inhabited by a tribe of Na’vi. Na’vi tribe has a high body body more than 3 feet and has dark blue skin. When beginning the research team arrived, they were good friends with the tribe Na’vi. But the government wanted the Earth’s energy material is immediately available to quickly, and then send troops to the planet.

Jake Hully, a former American naval forces who have disabilities and can not walk were assigned to replace a deceased brother went to this planet Pandora. The reason he sent Jake Hully because only he can control the creature klonning Na’vi tribe that once controlled by his brother.

To control the rate klonning Na’vi, a tool used telepathy. When entering into this device, the controller will sleep and wake up in the form of Na’vi creatures. Vice versa, when the controller does not use such tools, Na’vi creature will fall asleep. When controlling this creature Na’vi, Jake felt immense pleasure because she could walk again. Jake then knew a girl named Naytiri Na’vi native tribes. Jake proximity with this Naytiri longer makes Jake did not want to go back to the original body.

Naytiri teach Jake how to blend with nature, how to ride a flying dragon, and other things that the tribe Na’vi expertise. The beauty of the planet Pandora depicted in the scene when Jake Naytiri learning together. The mountains that hang, a giant tree which is a sacred place, a tree that can be lit at night, and other amazing things to make more love interest Jake Na’vi.

Jake dilemma experienced when asked to strike the Earth government settlement Na’vi tribe. This is because the Earth is in very critical condition. Jake himself was expelled from the tribe Na’vi when they find out that Earth creatures will attack them. Fighting between the Earth’s creatures are not inevitable. Earth creatures use the latest weapons in the form of robots, while the Na’vi creatures using natural forces that have been with them. Jake finally chose to protect the tribe Na’vi and expelled from the Planet Earth creature Pandora. Jake chose to be a creature full Na’vi tribe.

Success Worldwide

Avatar achieve success in every cinema in the world. The advantage gained is also the largest gains achieved by a film of all time. One very real advantage is a very large profit. In addition, Avatar also won three Oscars, a prestigious award in the field of cinema. To meet the demand of the audience, James Cameron and Avatar Special Edition issue by adding a few scenes in the film. Avatar may be a milestone driver of creativity to produce other films are more qualified.

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